My Mother’s Day Letter to My Children

Dear Kevan, Kirin, James, and Justin,

These past few days have been tough. I’ve been going through family photos while getting ready for the launch party and I’ve come to a few realizations.

First… I have a LOT of pictures of me as a baby. My parents appreciated the value of print photography and I was at Olan Mills at least once every six months for the first few years of my life. When you guys have kids, you’ll have plenty of pictures of me as a baby for comparisons.

Second… I have a lot of pictures of you guys as babies. Thankfully your grandmother Wilson was good with a camera and took the time to take a lot of pictures of y’all. Those pictures are all categorized and sorted and they’ll probably never end up in an album, but you can have all of them when I’m gone.

Third… I have very few pictures of my parents as adults. I have the one picture of mama when she was about 19 that I love with all my heart. There are no good pictures of her when she was my age now. I have some pictures of daddy when he was in the Navy, but a lot of them are so tiny that I can’t see his face. Luckily, Kirin is good at finding his ears or his chin and pointing them out to me.

Fourth…There really aren’t a lot of printed pictures of me from the last few years. My teens and twenties are pretty well covered, but the last twenty years… well lets just say that it wasn’t a priority for us. As a result, there are a million and seven pictures of me on Facebook and Instagram, but I owe you more than that.

So here’s my promise to you. I promise to do better about getting in front of the camera, and getting prints that you can have forever to pass down to your families. I promise you that when I’m gone, you won’t have to struggle to find pictures of me to remember what my smile looked like. I promise that you won’t have to wonder if we look alike at age 50. I promise you that you’ll have enough prints of me to go around and that you won’t have to fight over who gets to have me around. I promise you that your kids and grandkids will have pictures and stories about me that will last for generations.

Enjoy your day on Sunday. I love all of you more than you’ll ever comprehend…until the day that you do.