Are We Viral Yet?

I went live again!! (There’s no stopping me now!!)


I just googled “how many views is considered viral” and well let’s just say… we’re not there yet. Did you know that you have to get FIVE MILLION views in 3-4 days to be viral?

But do you know how many views it takes to make a difference?


So in case you missed yesterday’s video, go over here and take a look at it. It’s important that you understand where all this is coming from. In short… women are super excited about these pinup sessions we’re doing, but they’re holding back because they think that they should put themselves last in the line of importance in your family.

When I posted the images from my session, I got all these responses from women who were excited about scheduling a session! They love the idea of being pampered and dolled up and dressed up and feeling special. But…they want to wait until they have everyone else’s gifts taken care of first.

Going live was an inspired thing. Seriously, I woke at 4AM because the universe said to me… Go tell them this story.

See before we started any of this I did two things.

First… I declared that this coming year is going to be about prosperity for us. Every year I claim a word and it always works to keep me focused through the year. Two years ago my word was Momentum. Just keep swimming. Last year my word was Realized Potential. Okay… I know that is technically two words but whatever. Just stay with me. This year… Prosperity. Not just financial…but hey I’m not going to turn that down…but in all things be prosperous. I’m talking Proverbs 8:18 here.

The second thing I did was to pray that  everyone involved in this project would be blessed. I want to be able to help women feel beautiful and loved and for them to know that they are worthy. I prayed over the list of women who sent those first 25 inquiries…and especially for the 22 who put themselves last.

And then last night while I was finishing up an ordering session with one of the 19 remaining women… yep you heard me right because my message got through to some folks yesterday… while I was finishing up with one of them I decided to post on Facebook that I was open to taking questions. I was up WAY past my bedtime and I was on fire for what we’re doing here so I decided to see who was still awake.

I got a few responses on the thread and I was able to share some knowledge about the experience.

And then… DING!

I had an instant message.

I’m not going to tell you who it was from because you don’t need to know. What you need to know is that he watched the video yesterday and it touched him. Here’s what he said:

So, Kim… God has placed it on my heart to pay for a one outfit session for one of your ladies. You choose the lady. I have only two requests. I remain anonymous and you challenge other men to do the same. How does that sound?? Let me know what you think.

My EXACT response was:

You are AMAZING!!! I LOVE you for this!!! Okay! And I already know who I want to bless!!

So the wheels are in motion for her session. I’ll never tell you who either of them are. This is completely and totally anonymous.

And to honor his second request… I challenge you…the guy who is sitting there watching this video…to reach out and help us make Christmas special for a woman out there who is struggling to feel worthy this holiday season. She is putting everyone else first and she needs to know that she is loved and that she is amazing…and that God and the universe are looking out for her.

All you have to do is message me and I’ll take care of the rest. You’ll never know who each other is. You don’t have to live nearby. You can do this from anywhere in the world. All it takes is for you to reach out to me.

In case you need the text for Proverbs 8:18… here you go. With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. NIV

Y’all have  a blessed day and a joyous holiday season. I’m gonna go enjoy a cup of coffee and get ready to do this Facebook Live thing again!!

Peace out…